Bangladesh is one of the success stories of the emerging economies. Consistent economic growth over the last ten years has opened up many new industries in Bangladesh. Such industries require highly skilled and professional work forces. The capacity and the standard of the local education providers are not sufficient to cater for this increasing demand.

There are an increasing number of students graduating from high school every year in Bangladesh. At the same time, the number of families who are able to afford to send their children overseas for higher educations are also increasing. As a result, we are seeing more students willing to go abroad and study in well reputed Universities for their higher education. Choosing the right country and University is a major part of the success of the prospective student.

Study-Planners is there to assist students to find the right course at the right University based on the studentís interests, financial ability and past academic records.

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25 May
Admission still open in USA & Canada for Fall-2016.
24 May
Study in Malaysia. Explore more Here

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