Study in Malaysia


Malaysia has envisioned to be a self-sufficient industrialized nation by 2020. To achieve this target, Malaysiaís education system has dramatically improved in the last decade. The vibrant economy, political stability, personal safety, multicultural societies and beautiful surroundings have encouraged students from around the world to study in Malaysia, which has created an "educational hub".

Why would you study in Malaysia?

  • Quality of the Education provided by the Malaysian Universities
  • You can gain UK and Australian degrees
  • Lower tuition fees and affordable living expenses
  • Students from around the globe
  • Malaysia needs skilled graduates, so career opportunities are available
  • Ideal place for study and living
  • Culturally similar to Bangladesh (majority Muslims, also accepting of other religions)

Study Levelsē Certificate

  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Foundation
  • Bachelorís
  • Masterís
  • PhD

Admission requirements:

  • Duration: One year
  • Education: SSC, min one credit in "O" level


  • Duration: Two-Three years
  • Education: SSC, min three credit in "O" level


  • Duration: One year
  • Education: SSC, min three credit in "O" level


  • Duration: There–Four years
  • Education: HSC, min five credits in "O" level & three credits in "A" level
  • IELTS: some universities require/some donít


  • Duration: One–One and half year
  • Education: Bachelorís
  • IELTS: some universities require/some donít


  • Duration: Three years
  • Education: Masterís
  • Thesis paper
Please contact us to check your eligibility

Your Visa Approval Letter (VAL) processing

After getting the admission and paying the registration & EMGS fee, University applies for VAL with all supporting documents and it takes 4-6 weeks in general.

Your Single Entry VISA processing

After having the VAL, you need to submit the VAL and other documents to the Malaysian Embassy, Dhaka for single entry visa.

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University in Malaysia

  •  Mahsa University
Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters in Business, Engineering, Health Science, MBBS
  •  Limkokwing University
Foundation, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters & PhD in Business, IT, Multimedia, Fashion Design
  •  Asia Pacific University
Foundation, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters in Engineering, IT, Business
  •  Curtin University
Australian Degrees in Sarawak, Malaysia

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