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The USA is an attractive destination for international students. This is due to the flexible education system and opportunities to work and live after finishing studying. A degree from the USA is accepted and valued internationally.

The USA higher education has three levels:

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • PhD

Undergraduate students study typically for four years to achieve their bachelor degree. For the first two years of a program, students are generally required to take a wide variety of subjects (for example literature, science, social sciences, arts, history etc.) to realize their interests and choose their Major. The flexible education system allows students to change their Major during the third year of the program. Students should be aware that changing their Major may require additional costs and time to finish the degree. Please Contact Us to see how we can assist you further.

Students can also start an undergraduate program in a community college. They will be required to firstly study two years Associate Degree in a community college then transfer to a University for the final two years. Attending a community college is a more affordable option for international students. The small class size in community colleges can help students to receive the greater attention of their lecturers. Studying with the mostly local American students may also help international students adapt to the local culture and make new friends.

Graduate students are mainly focused on their Major subjects and usually require two years to complete the degree (Some programs may take one year). In some cases, students from Bangladesh may be required to complete some prerequisites prior to starting the Gradate program. To find out more please Contact Us

PhD students are accepted by many Universities without having completed Masters degree from the USA. However, some Universities may require students to have Masters degree completed in the USA. Please Contact Us to find out more.

Admission Requirements

Associate Degree:

  • Duration:Two years
  • Education:HSC (students, who completed 1–2 semester at Bachelor level, can also apply)
  • English Proficiency: 5.0–6.5 in IELTS (students may also apply with less score & without score)
  • Sponsor

Bachelor Degree

  • Duration: Four years
  • Education: HSC (students, who completed some semesters at Bachelor level already, can also apply as transfer student). Some institutes require SAT or ACT
  • English Proficiency: 5.0-6.5 in IELTS (students may also apply with less score & without score)
  • Sponsor

Master Degree

  • Duration: Commonly two years
  • Education: Four years Bachelor/ three years Bachelor & one-year Master
  • English Proficiency: 6.0–7.5 in IELTS (students may also apply with less scorewithout score)
  • GMAT/GRE (some institute consider GMAT/GRE with work experiences & some donít require)
  • Sponsor


  • Duration: 3 – 5 years
  • Education: Master Degree (some institute require US Master Degree)
  • English Proficiency: 6.5–7.5 in IELTS
  • Research paper
  • Sponsor
Please contact us to check your eligibility

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After having admission & I20

After having I20 student must pay the SEVIS fee ($200) via credit card at below link
(Contact Us for details)

Apply for VISA:

Complete DS160 form for making the appointment 02. Pay the VISA fee, $160, at 51 Eastern Bank Branches. To locate a nearest branch, click here or Contact Us for details

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